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Our Services

Home Inspection:


We are here to assist you in making a confident decision about your property. Whether you’re buying a new property and want to be sure of what you’re getting, or selling a property and want to eliminate possible problems that could delay or lose a sale. Or just for your peace of mind you want a professional to inspect and advise you on the condition, maintenance and safety recommendations of your current home. You found the perfect company! Our Basic Home Inspection is a very thorough visual inspection that will determine the condition of the plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical systems, exterior walls, interior surfaces including walls, floors, and ceilings. We will examine the structure to assure it is sound and determine the condition of the roof, soffit, fascia, gutters, downspouts, siding, windows, doors, installed appliances, pool equipment, as well as the safety features of the home. We use several tools to detect what our eyes can’t see such as moisture meters, GFCI devices (electrical tester), infrared thermometers, ect… The lot should be graded away from the house so that water does not drain toward the house and into the basement. We take an average of 100 photos to add to our detailed report making it easy to read and identify any issue observed by the inspector. However, our inspectors and our office staff are here to assist clients in understanding any issue reported.

Keep in mind that no house is perfect and anything & everything can be fixed. The question is – at what cost? You & your Real Estate Agent should discuss discrepancies found and decide if you want or need further negotiations.

What Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?


As a homeowner with windstorm insurance, state law entitles you to certain premium reductions, but without an inspection, you can’t get them! If you haven’t had a windstorm insurance inspection at your current home, you are PROBABLY PAYING TOO MUCH FOR YOUR WINDSTORM INSURANCE!

During a wind mitigation inspection, a certified inspector reports on the key features that may decrease the amount of damage your home suffers during a hurricane or strong windstorm. These features fall into several categories, such as exterior construction type, roof shape and construction methods, age of roof covering, door and window opening protection as well as the actual year the home was built. Another factor may be the elevation of a property and how it relates to wind speed.

Our company leads the area in Wind Mitigation Inspections. We work closely with other industry leaders in educating inspectors on how to properly perform these inspections. You will receive the most detailed report that will completely satisfy the insurance carrier beyond their expectations without the hassle of an insurance carrier re-inspection.

What Is a Four Point Home Inspection?


A four-point home inspection generally includes but is not limited to a skilled inspection of the roof, the electrical system, plumbing system and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The different systems on your home have a varying but somewhat predictable life span. Most of the information gathered for a four-point inspection pertains to just that. However, the information is not limited to the life expectancy of the systems. Also, considered are issues such as type of wiring used in the home and even the manufacturers of the equipment. We also look for signs of equipment or system failures. Our report will help the homeowner know what areas need to be rectified in order to gain the coverage they need.

What a Four Point Inspection Is not!

A four-point home inspection is not a pre-purchase/pre-sale home inspection, which is much more comprehensive in nature. The four-point home inspection only satisfies insurance carrier requirements of particular home systems and lacks the necessary information for you to make an informed decision in buying a home or its condition for selling. Check our discounted prices for combining such inspections.

It also is not a guarantee that the insurance carrier will qualify you, that the home is insurable, that the carrier will require no other certifications or inspections, or that you won’t be required to have work performed after the home inspection. South Florida Home Inspection Association is an independent inspection association and does not work for or have any control over any insurance company.

What Is a Roof Certification?

A Roof Certification Inspection is usually done at the request of the insurance carrier. They will typically request it due to the information they have on file is indicating that the roof covering is approaching the end of its expected life. The inspection is used to document the most recent dated of complete replacement. Therefore, it is extremely important for the homeowner to have a copy of the permit and/or contract of the most recent work completed.


The inspection can take up to 1 hour too complete and is comprised of the report with permit documents and photos of your roof.  If no documents of a recent re-roof are available, the inspector will estimate the useful life remaining.

Check with your insurance agent and ask if it would be advantageous for you to combine the roof certification inspection with another inspection that may save you on your insurance premiums. We offer a discounted price when two or more inspections are completed on the same day.